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Yadkin County Graduates Attend Yadkin Center for Free with Yadkin Guarantee


The Yadkin County Commissioners are taking a proactive step in helping young adults pursue a college education and vocational training through a scholarship program dubbed the “Yadkin Guarantee.” The scholarship will cover all in-state tuition and fees not covered by financial aid or scholarships for classes taken at Surry Community College’s Yadkin Center. It will also cover up to $750 per semester for textbooks. To be eligible for the fall semester, applications must be submitted by July 31.

Qualifying students must enroll within four semesters of graduating from high school or obtaining a GED (General Education Diploma) or HSE (High School Equivalency) degree. They must be a U.S. Citizen or lawful permanent resident residing in Yadkin County. Applicants must have graduated from/enrolled in Yadkin County Public Schools or a LEA (Local Education Agency) contiguous to Yadkin County. Graduation/enrollment may also be from a private school or home school. To qualify applicants must have also earned at least a 2.3 unweighted GPA.

Accepted students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA, and complete at least 67% of their credit hours attempted each semester. Applicants need to complete the FAFSA and scholarship application processes annually and be enrolled in a curriculum program at the SCC-Yadkin Center. They are required to complete program in 150 percent of program time (i.e., a 60-hour program must be completed in 90 hours), and not change programs more than twice.

The guarantee applies only towards earning one’s first degree. It applies towards fall, spring or summer semesters with classes that count towards the FTEs at Yadkin Center. It also applies to hybrid online classes that count towards the FTEs at Yadkin Center. If a required class is not offered at the Yadkin Center, the first two classes will be covered 100 percent and any additional classes will be covered at 50 percent.

Programs include mechatronics, electrical systems, welding, machining, nurse aide, and college transfer credits for an Associate in Arts.

Andrea Simpson, Director of Financial Aid, Scholarships and Veterans Affairs at Surry Community College, stated: “Students wishing to apply need to let their advisor know that they need to get as many classes at the Yadkin Center as possible. The Yadkin Guarantee Scholarship Application is on and must be completed by July 31 for the fall semester. Students must also complete the FAFSA annually at”

Prospective students can contact Student Services at (336) 386-3264 or for more information or assistance.

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