Two Surry Community College Instructors Win State Paramedic Competition

Billy Haynes, Wake Forest Baptist Health AirCare Director, is pictured with Barry McMillian and Roger Horton, both paramedics and adjunct instructors with Surry Community College Emergency Medical Programs who were named the 2018 N.C. State Paramedic Champions.

Posted: Oct 31, 2018

Barry McMillian and Roger Horton, both paramedics and adjunct instructors with Surry Community College’s Emergency Medical Programs, competed as a paramedic team in the North Carolina Paramedic Competition and were named the 2018 North Carolina Paramedic Champions.

McMillianand Horton won their regional paramedic competition this summer and earned the right to compete at the 2018 North Carolina Paramedic Competition. At the state competition, teams had to work in a loud, entertaining environment where they responded “ringside” to an unresponsive spectator at a wrestling event.  The unresponsive patient was having a diabetic crisis as result of a malfunctioning insulin pump.  As the team cared for the patient, a distraught mother arrives carrying her child who is having extreme difficulty breathing due to an allergic reaction.  

During this time, the simulated wrestling match is continuing above their heads, and 30 spectators surround the paramedics in the competition. One of the spectators complains of a throbbing headache, most likely due to alcohol, and another one cuts her arm. Both must also be assessed. Suddenly, the wrestling match comes to a stop when one fighter finally pins one of the two opponents only find the third man in the ring is now unresponsive. Now, a medic must climb in the ring to tend to the injured wrestler who is in spinal shock.           

Throughout the chaotic scenario, McMillianand Horton were extremely efficient, methodical, and able to quickly treat all five patients in a professional manner.The team was announced the state champions at the N.C. EMS Expo Banquet two days after the competition.

Surry Community College is now registering for Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B) classes that will start Jan. 8, and the EMS 3031 – Paramedic Initial that will begin March 27. An Anatomy and Physiology for the EMS Provider – EMS 3000 will be offered starting Jan. 7. For more information about these classes, contact (336) 386-3234 or follow the program on Facebook @surryems

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