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Two SCC Students Graduate as Scholars of Global Distinction


Two students have graduated in 2024 from Surry Community College's Scholars of Global Distinction program.

Paulina Cruz-Martinez and Daisy Jimenez have both completed the qualifications to receive recognition from UNC-Chapel Hill as Scholars of Global Distinction.

Paulina Cruz-Martinez has graduated with an Associate in Arts from SCC. Cruz-Martinez will be attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the fall to study Business Administration.

“The Scholars of Global Distinction program allowed me to learn more about other countries by hearing from the experiences of people who lived or traveled there. It's a great program for students who have a love for traveling or cultural studies,” said Cruz-Martinez.

Daisy Jimenez has also graduated with an Associate in Arts from SCC. In the fall, Jimenez will be attending North Carolina State University to major in Criminology.

“Last fall, I was able to be a part of a Cultural Exchange with students from the University of Bordeaux, and I learned a lot. We created presentations, met through Google Meet, and conversed about our educational environment and routines. I’m grateful to be able to participate in the summer Bordeaux, France, study abroad and hopefully have some stories to bring back home. This program has allowed me to be more culturally aware. I strongly encourage any student to take part as it explores different topics, and students get to know more about the backgrounds of the SCC faculty,” said Jimenez.

To receive this recognition, students must complete 15 credits of globally intensive coursework with a grade of A or B; attend or participate in at least eight approved cultural activities; participate in 30 hours of study abroad or an approved domestic intercultural experience; and complete a 15 to 20 minute capstone presentation.

Cruz-Martinez and Jimenez will be traveling this summer to Bordeaux, France, as part of a group of students from throughout the state and will use that as their study abroad experience. They will report back on their experience in Fall 2024 during a college-wide presentation.

The Scholars of Global Distinction program is a partnership between community colleges throughout North Carolina and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's World View program. The program is designed to help students become more culturally and globally educated.

For more information about the Global Scholars program, contact Emily Workman at

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