Surry Small Business Center Offering New Online Series

Posted: Aug 09, 2017

The Small Business Center (SBC) at Surry Community College is now offering a new online, on demand series for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners looking to learn the basics of starting a business.

The 20 session series allows anyone seeking helpful insight into starting, and successfully running, a small business to learn at their own pace and on their own flexible schedule free of charge.

SBC Director Dale Badgett said, “The complaint I hear most is that clients are not able to make it to seated seminars due to full-time work or running their businesses, so we found this series as an excellent solution.”

No matter what area of business acumen a student is looking to improve upon, the SBC’s new online series offers an answer. Students can take courses on start-up assistance to learn how to create a business plan or choose the appropriate legal structure and can enroll in seminars focused on financing components such as accounting, pricing strategies, and investors. Additionally, the series also offers sessions highlighting management policies, marketing tactics, and brand awareness.

“We understand that online seminars aren’t for everyone, and this series is not meant to replace any of our current, seated classes,” Badgett said. “But, we hope to complement our existing seminars by offering entrepreneurs another method to improve their skills and make their business successful.” 

To learn more about the new series, or enroll in any SBC seminar, visit Anyone in need of information about confidential, one-on-one counseling and resource referrals may contact Dale Badgett at or call (336) 386-3685. You can follow the Small Business Center on Facebook @surrysbc

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