Surry Community College Welding Students Tour Altec

Students enrolled in Surry Community College’s WLD 122: GMAW (MIG) Plate/Pipe class recently toured Altec Inc.’s Creedmoor Operations office to gain an inside look at one of the many employment avenues available for welders.

Posted: Jul 27, 2017

Surry Community College’s Lead Welding Instructor Michael Dixon recently led his WLD 122: GMAW (MIG) Plate/Pipe class outside the walls of the classroom to tour Altec Inc.’s Creedmoor Operations office for an inside look at one of the many employment avenues available for welders.

Altec provides products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets in 100 countries throughout the world. The company has four locations in North Carolina including a service center in Mount Airy. The trip allowed students a chance to gain insight from one of the company’s Human Resources representatives and ask questions about employment opportunities at the Mount Airy center.

Those who participated in the trip are students William Luke Adams of Hamptonville, Will Cumming of Dobson, Ryan Dollyhigh of Toast, Cory Evans of Yadkinville, Randall Gordon of East Bend, Colten Hodges of Mount Airy, Austin Lawson of Mount Airy, James Pate of Ararat, Dylan Payne of Mount Airy, Jovani Reynoso Tomas of Mount Airy, Robby Roten of Roaring River, Jose Siete of Dobson, Garrett Tucker of Mount Airy and Kenley Winesett of Mount Airy along with Lead Welding Instructor Michael Dixon, Adjunct Welding Instructors Eric Trejo, Jay Scott and Danny Fenstermaker, Welding Lab Technician Robin Haas and American Welding Society District Four Chairman Stewart Harris.

Surry’s Welding students are trained to be industry ready and pass qualification tests in accordance with the American Welding Society (AWS) for national certification. Students at SCC can earn a diploma or certificate in Welding Technology, and can also choose to obtain a certificate in GMAW or SMAW welding. High school juniors and seniors can take Welding classes tuition-free through the Career and College Promise dual enrollment program.

Surry’s Welding program boasts multiple AWS award winning Instructors, and 26 welding stations each equipped with state of the art welding equipment. In addition, the college’s welding facility houses a Computer Numerically Controlled plasma table and a welding robot that uses FANUC controls commonly found in the industry.

Registration is currently open for Fall 2017 classes. Students must register before Aug. 1 for fall classes, which will start Aug. 15. For registration questions, contact Student Services at (336) 386-3264. For questions about Surry’s Welding program, contact Lead Instructor Michael Dixon at (336) 386-3242 or Follow Surry’s Welding program on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @surrywelding. 

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