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Surry Community College Honors HSE and AHS Graduates


More than 60 students earned their High School Equivalency (HSE) and Adult High School (AHS) diplomas from Surry Community College during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Of the graduates, 31 participated in the HSE/AHS Graduation held at the Surry Community College Gymnasium in Dobson on May 5. This is SCC’s thirty-third HSE commencement ceremony.

Courtney Jackson, Chief HSE Examiner/AHS Coordinator, introduced the student speakers, all of whom are HSE graduates: Andreus Walker, Miguel Betancur and Bryanna Wright. SCC President Dr. David Shockley and Senior Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs Dr. Candace Holder presented graduates with their diplomas.

2022-2023 graduates who participated in the graduation ceremony are Alex Henson, Andreus Walker, Briar Fite, Bryanna Wright, Carmella Aguilar, Chase Long, Darius Rogers, Dylan Kiger, Francisco Urquiza, Hadly Graves, Hailey Hinson, Ja’Lena Hollis, Jacob Billings, Joseph Henson, Joshua Edwards, Kayla Marion, Kevin Gordon, María Jacinto Elizalde, Miguel Betancur, Nicole Byrd, Rachel Gravley, Samantha Chavis, Tiffany Ballenger, Tori Bowman, Tyler Kepler, and Yaddeliz Mendoza.

Surry offers two assessment options for earning a High School Equivalency Diploma. Students can take either the General Educational Development (GED®) Test or the High School Equivalency Test (HiSET™). Successful passage of either test results in an HSE Diploma issued by the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges. Surry offers free preparation classes to give students an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully pass the test. Online preparation classes are also offered.

Surry’s Adult High School program offers an alternative to the HSE program for adults who did not graduate from high school. Anyone lacking a few credits from high school can enroll in the online program to acquire a high school diploma. The AHS program was established by SCC with affiliation agreements from local school districts. An AHS diploma is awarded by the number of credits and specified courses adopted by the State Board of Education as the requirement for graduation from the public high school.

For more information about SCC’s High School Equivalency programs, contact Jennifer Pardue at (336) 386-3674 or Courtney Jackson at (336) 386-3663. To sign up or see class schedule information, visit SCC's HSE Program.

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