Surry CC Announces Faculty and Staff Award Recipients

Surry CC Announces Faculty and Staff Award Recipients The following were presented awards at Surry Community College’s fall faculty and staff meeting. (Pictured left to right) Faculty members: Dr. Kathleen Fowler, Jade Tate, Lory Puckett, and Mike Faulkner. Staff members: Dr. Candace Holder, Debbie Cave, and Dale Jessup.

Posted: Sep 10, 2018

Dr. David Shockley, Surry Community College President, presented awards to several faculty and staff members for outstanding performance for 2018-2019 during the college’s fall meeting.

Mike Faulkner, Mathematics Instructor, received the Excellence in Teaching Award which recognizes an outstanding faculty member who exemplifies dedication to the mission and goals of Surry Community College and provides evidence of meritorious performance. Recipients of this award exhibit special qualities that enhance student learning and make the college a better place in which to work. 

“Mr. Faulkner’s knowledge of mathematics, in addition to his compassionate heart, multiplied by his keen desire to see each student succeed, is undeniably an equation of true excellence in teaching,” Shockley said. 

Faulkner has shown true dedication to his students and makes himself readily available for individual help or tutoring. His students seek him out for guidance and genuine encouragement. He has been known to make himself available for extra exam preparation during his off hours. 

“His students receive life-long inspiration and influence by his efforts beyond instructional requirements, and he is a true example of teaching excellence,” adds Shockley.

Dr. Candace Holder, Vice President of Technology Services, was presented the Distinguished Staff Award which recognizes a staff member who exemplifies dedication to the mission and goals of the college and provides evidence of meritorious operations, customer service and makes the college a better place in which to work. 

Among her achievements, Holder has led SCC as a pilot site for numerous administrative software implementations for future direction of the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS). One of her accomplishments in the last few years includes moving all printing needs in-house, which saves the institution over $100,000 annually. For the past 19 years, Holder has provided leadership and oversight for the NCCCS Virtual Learning Community (VLC) Quality and Assessment Center, which has produced hundreds of web-based learning courses that have been used across the entire NC Community College system. 

“Dr. Holder is undeniably the most renowned, respected, and consulted leader of technology and distance education within the NCCCS,” Shockley said. “She is continually called upon for guidance regarding review of potential projects or initiatives, and as they are approved, she is relied upon for implementation and oversight.”

Three faculty members received President’s Awards for Meritorious Service including Dr. Kathleen Fowler, Lory Puckett, and Jade Tate. Fowler is an English instructor who shows excellence in teaching by caring deeply about her students’ success; creating innovative and stimulating assignments; and by staying current and active in her field of expertise. 

Puckett, a Nursing Instructor, is known for taking new approaches in her classroom, commuting to inconvenient clinical assignments, and working with students to help them succeed. Tate is also a Nursing Instructor who prioritizes student well-being and success with creative approaches to learning, and is a creative thinker when it comes to helping the college grow to its upmost potential.

Two staff members, Debbie Cave and Dale Jessup, were presented with President’s Awards for Meritorious Service. Debbie Cave, Director of Allied Health, has been working at the college for more than 18 years. She was recognized for always putting her students first and growing the Allied Health program at the college.

Dale Jessup, Buildings Systems Supervisor, was praised for his outstanding work ethic and dedication to the college. He uses the latest technology to keep the school buildings running efficiently and in a cost-saving manner. 

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