Summer Mid-Term Classes 2018

Summer Mid-Term Classes 2018 It's not too late to take Summer Classes at Surry!

Posted: Jun 05, 2018

It's not too late to register for Summer Classes at Surry Community College! You can sign up for Summer Mid-Term Classes. The deadline to register is June 25. Class dates are June 26-August 6. For any help, please contact Student Services at (336) 386-3264 or

The classes offered are: 

ART 111-IT30 (online) - Art Appreciation
ART 111-IT31 (online) - Art Appreciation
AUT 113-30 - Automotive Servicing I
ENG 112-30 - Writing/Research in the Disc
ENG 242-30 - British Literature II
HIS 132-30 - American History II
HUM 110-30 - Technology and Society
MUS 110-30 - Music Appreciation
SPA 112-IH30 - Elementary Spanish II
SPA 112-IT30 (online) - Elementary Spanish II
SPA 112-IT31 (online) - Elementary Spanish II

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