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Student Work Helps College Promote QEP


Surry Community College is currently going through a re-accreditation process through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and as a part of the re-accreditation process, colleges must select a topic for a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which is a strategic initiative to improve the educational experience for students.

Advising has always been important at Surry Community College, and in an effort to continue to put students first, SCC has selected advising as the QEP.

The QEP will promote proactive advising, which means students will establish and maintain an ongoing relationship with their faculty advisors in order to create a manageable academic plan to accomplish their educational and professional goals.

QEP Student Outcomes:

  1. Students will engage in proactive advising with their Faculty Advisor in order to establish an ongoing relationship with their Faculty Advisor.
  2. Students will, with the help of their Faculty Advisor, develop an ongoing manageable academic plan to accomplish their educational goals.
  3. Students will register for the classes in their academic plan agreed upon by the student and their Faculty Advisor.

The QEP Marketing Committee asked students, faculty and staff to create slogans to advertise the advising QEP in a contest for a $200 prize. Around 60 entries were submitted and then voted on by the campus community. The winning slogan was submitted by student Ethan Crouse – “Your Goals, Our Guidance: Elevating Success through Proactive Advising.”

Crouse, of Mount Airy, is a Surry Early College High School student, who plans to graduate in May 2025 as a super senior. He is studying to be an HVAC technician. He will complete an Associate in Arts degree along with a diploma in HVAC.

2 people with award
Congratulations to Surry Early College student Ethan Crouse for his winning slogan for SCC's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). His slogan, "Your Goals, Our Guidance: Elevating Success through Proactive Advising," was chosen through a committee selection process and a vote from the SCC community. Here, Kayla Norman, (left) Lead Instructor of Early Childhood Education and Chairperson for the QEP Marketing Committee, presents Crouse with a check for $200.

“After working on an essay for Dr. Darin Cozzens, my English teacher, I needed a break from being on my computer. I noticed a notification on my phone about the contest. Since I had hit a roadblock in my writing, I thought it's better to work on something else and take a break from my essay to help my mind readjust. That way, I can continue working on my essay later. But I didn't know that I would end up winning; it is such a blessing,” Crouse said.

In reflection on what the slogan meant to him, Crouse said, “It means a lot because Mrs. Katie Wall Smith, our college advisor at the Surry Early College, has truly helped me on my journey to understand what I need to undertake, and which classes would be useful for my goals in creating a future for myself.”

Crouse said winning the QEP Slogan made him feel amazed and proud of himself for winning.

“Creating a slogan for our college introduced a fun challenge, and the sense of accomplishment for winning is an amazing feeling. I wanted to encapsulate the proactiveness of our institution in those words, and it looks like the effort I put in did not go unnoticed,” he said.

The QEP Marketing Committee offered a second contest for a slogan design and invited faculty, staff and students to submit artwork. Around 20 entries were collected. They were reviewed and voted on by the QEP Marketing Committee, and student Jessica Barron won the design contest and secured a $200 prize for her work.

2 people with check
Congratulations to Surry Community College student Jessica Barron for winning the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) logo contest. Her artwork was among 20 or so entries that were reviewed and selected by the QEP Marketing Committee. Here, Tara Best, (right) QEP Marketing Committee Member and SCC Accounting Instructor, presents a $200 check to Barron for winning the logo contest.

Barron graduated from the Surry Early College High School in 2020 and is currently a student at Surry Community College pursuing a diploma in Medical Office Administration.

“I was inspired to do the contest because I wanted to help make a positive change within the school as well as potentially winning the prize,” Barron said. “This QEP logo represents the slogan showing that with the support of our advisors, instructors, and peers we can achieve our goals no matter how hard they seem.”

In reflecting on winning the prize, she said, “I feel pretty overjoyed, simply because I honestly didn't expect to win. Not only that but winning helped me with Christmas gifts this year, and I was honestly struggling with presents,” she said.

The inspiration for the design came from her own experience as a student being helped by advisors.

“I am thankful for this opportunity, and my personal relationship with advisors has always been great. They know exactly how to work with you when you're struggling with classes and even if you realize your current path isn't for you anymore,” she said. “They have made a huge difference in my anxiety for new classes and helping me with issues outside the classroom. Without their guidance, I wouldn't have half the credits I have now.”

The QEP will officially be launched in the Fall 2024 semester. The slogan and artwork will be advertised for years in various marketing promotions online, in print and on merchandise.

Kayla Norman is the Chairperson for the QEP Marketing Committee and is the Lead Instructor for the Early Childhood Education program at SCC.

“The QEP Marketing Committee was tasked with making our QEP topic memorable. We decided this would be a great opportunity for our school community to showcase their talents. I think it is fitting that the experiences of our student winners highlight the commitment to advising at SCC. I am excited to see their creation throughout campus this fall,” Norman said.

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