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SCC Sociology Students Learn Through Game


Who says you can't play games in college? Heather Willard's Introduction to Sociology students at Surry Community College's Pilot Center learned, while navigating their way through society by playing a “Life Happened ” game.

The students were spending their week learning about social stratification, global stratification, social inequality and mobility. Each group was given a family profile outlining annual gross income, assets, family structure and size, occupations, housing and transportation. Students drafted a monthly budget for their family based on a cost of living sheet typical for the geographic location.

“Once a budget was created, I gave each group a playing card with some type of life event that had to be managed accordingly, ” explains Willard. “Some were good, but most were bad. They had to adjust their budgets, while aligning with the main objectives for the assignment. Students were shocked when they realized that none of the families qualified for government assistance but were still struggling to just get by. The social class of the family and the timing of life events, had a huge impact on how each group fared...much like in real life! ”

Destini Hudson of Mount Airy and Hannah Simpson of Pilot Mountain work on their strategy to succeed in the “Life Happened ” game in their sociology class.

Introduction to Sociology introduces the scientific study of human society, culture, and social interactions. Topics include socialization, research methods, diversity and inequality, cooperation and conflict, social change, social institutions, and organizations. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge of sociological concepts as they apply to the interplay among individuals, groups, and societies.

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