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SCC Receives Excellent Report from Accreditation Agency


Surry Community College recently earned an outstanding evaluation during a fifth-year check-in on college standards.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Committee on Fifth-Year Interim Reports sent Surry Community College the results of a review of SCC’s compliance with select standards of the Principles of Accreditation outlined in the SACSCOC Fifth Year Interim Report in January.

“This is basically a mid-term accreditation report card concerning SCC’s continuing efforts to remain compliant with the Principles of Accreditation as evaluated by our peers within the SACSCOC organization,” said Dr. David Shockley, SCC President. “We only have to respond about one item regarding the College’s absence of any civil rights issues dealing with campus safety or harassment during the five-year period, which we will do in a one sentence response. Overall, this is an outstanding report as to the College’s adherence to the Principles of Accreditation.”

The evaluation also stated that the college’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) requirements had been successfully met. The QEP focused on student writing skills and involved instructors implementing additional writing assignments during classes to help students improve skills.

Dr. Jami Woods, SCC Vice President of Academic Affairs, who serves as the Institutional Accreditation Liaison (IAL) in the SACSCOC process said, “SACSCOC compliance requires diligent adherence to continuous improvement and to best practices in higher education. Success with accreditation has to be woven into the fabric of the organization’s policies, procedures and processes; it has to be the way you do business all the time—not just before a review or report is due. When a college has a good review, it is because numerous people across multiple divisions have made a case for compliance and can document it. It is truly a collaborative effort.”

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