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SCC Faculty Member Earns Doctorate


Katie D. Bowman, Mathematics Instructor at Surry Community College and Pilot Mountain resident, has earned the Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Community College Leadership from North Carolina State University.

Bowman’s dissertation investigated the effects of Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence (RISE) on students’ success in mathematics using a regression discontinuity. She specifically looked at the effectiveness of corequisite courses for gateway mathematics courses aiding students in North Carolina community colleges.

“I am hopeful that my research will help improve student success statewide. Remedial education has been under constant reconstruction, so it is imperative that we stay on top of the research to ensure our students are getting the best assistance possible,” Bowman said. “Successful mathematics completion is an indicator of successful college completion, which means we have to find the best ways to help the students who may be placed into remedial courses.”

Bowman has been an instructor at Surry Community College for over six years. Completing the doctoral program gave her a greater appreciation of what is happening in community colleges administratively. It also allowed her to connect with her mathematics students on a new level.

“I have been able to share this journey with my students. Being transparent with them that I was also a student always seemed to be of great interest to them, and they were continuously checking in on me just as I was on them. It also gave me a platform to share my educational journey with students and give them insight on what an educational path can look like. Some of them weren't aware that you could obtain a doctorate degree in fields outside of medicine. This was a great teaching and advising opportunity for me.”

Dr. Susan Worth, Mathematics Division Chair, commended Bowman on her work as an instructor and a doctoral student.

“In her six years as an instructor at SCC, I have had the fortune to watch her grow as a teacher and a person. She completed a M.A. in Mathematics with a Concentration in College Teaching at Appalachian State University and an Ed.D. in Community College Leadership at NCSU in this short period of time. Her work ethic and determination are astounding. Equally impressive is how she fits into our division and works well with her colleagues. I cannot express how proud I am of her.”

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