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SCC Announces Fire and Rescue Training Trailer


Surry Community College’s Yadkin Center is unveiling a new training trailer.

The training trailer will allow students involved in SCC’s firefighting and rescue classes to practice exercises in search and rescue while in a confined space. The trailer can also provide training in rooftop ventilation activities and limited forcible entry.

The training trailer also features both vertical and horizontal entryways at various elevations which will challenge students to think of creative means of entry. The trailer houses approximately 100 feet of horizontal passages which contain multiple obstacles, changing levels, and tight turns.

Ian Keith Harrell, Director of Fire and Rescue Programs at SCC, said, “With all of the resources being housed in a single unit, these activities can be combined to create realistic training scenarios for our emergency responders who are frequently called upon to respond to these types of situations in order to save lives and property.”

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