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SCC Alumna Becomes Veterinarian


Dr. Karie McLamb Snow earned an Associate in Science degree at Surry Community College before continuing her education at North Carolina State University to become a veterinarian.

“I have no regrets going to Surry Community College,” Snow said from her office at Dobson Veterinary Hospital where she works alongside her mother, veterinarian Dr. Donna McLamb. “It all worked out. I got into NC State because of my academic work at Surry Community College. I recommend students going to Surry for their first two years. It made for an easier transition to the university for me.”

She added, “Why spend tons of money at a university especially if you don’t know what you are wanting to do? You can explore educational options at Surry Community College. I always recommend Surry Community College. I graduated with my B.S. degree with no debt. I was able to live at home while I attended Surry, which really helped me save money.”

Snow graduated from Surry Central High School in 2012, and that fall, she enrolled in college transfer classes at SCC. As an academic scholarship recipient from Surry Central High School for the top five students in her graduating class, she earned a free ride at SCC. While at SCC, she served as a math tutor for fellow students through the math department at the college. She was also in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society along with Math Honors Society.

Dr. Karie McLamb Snow and her mother, Dr. Donna McLamb, practice alongside each other as veterinarians at Dobson Veterinary Hospital.

Snow earned a Bachelor of Science degree in in Animal Science from NCSU in 2016, and then a Doctorate in Veterinary Science in 2020. Many of her Surry classes transferred to NCSU, including Biology I and II, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, Calculus I, and Spanish I and II. Snow said she enjoyed the small class size at SCC along with the one-on-one help from the instructors who helped her with recommendation letters for vet school.

Becoming a general family doctor and majoring in Human Medicine was an opportunity Snow considered. When she applied to NCSU, she considered majoring in Chemistry or Animal Science.

“As a kid I always thought being a vet would be cool,” she said. “My parents told me it was a hard profession when trying to create a balanced work and personal life, so they encouraged me to explore other fields. I really enjoyed the animal science classes, and I decided to apply to for vet school.”

After graduating from vet school, Snow worked at Bunn Animal Hospital near Raleigh before joining her mother at the Dobson practice.

“It’s been good transition. I have a new job, a new kid, and a new house,” she joked. She and husband David are remodeling a house in the Mountain Park community of Surry County.

Snow admitted she is a dog person at heart, but for the moment, she doesn’t have any pets. She does really like cats, as well, and enjoyed having a pot belly pig named Gigi as a pet when she was growing up.

Her most interesting patient cases include amputating a dog’s toe due to a tumor and performing surgery on a blue heeler who was hit by a car and required a limb amputation.

Snow reiterated that she was happy she got her college start at Surry Community College, and looking back at her academic career, she wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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