Office System Technology Classes Scheduled in New Flexible Format for Fall

Posted: May 08, 2018

Surry Community College is offering Office System Technology classes in a schedule for Fall 2018 that easily fits with students’ hectic schedules.

OS-131 Keyboarding, OST-134 Text Entry/Formatting and OST-136 Word Processing will be offered in an open entry and open exit format.

“What this means is that students can start taking OST-131 Keyboarding starting on a Tuesday or Wednesday each week this fall semester up until Oct. 10. If they finish OST-131 before Oct. 10, they can start OST-134,” said Shelia Martin, SCC’s Business Technologies Division Chair. “The student only has to attend the first class seated and then they can do the rest of the class online, or they can opt to come to campus and take the remainder of the class in the computer lab.”

After the students have met the requirements of OST-131 Keyboarding, they can then move onto OST-134 Text Entry/Formatting in the same pattern and likewise with OST-136 Word Processing.

“This is an excellent opportunity for students to complete a sequence of two classes in one semester,” Martin said. “If they work really hard, they may be able to complete all three classes.”  

OST-131 and OST-134 are required classes in the Office Administration and Medical Office Administration degree, diploma, and certificate programs. Students pursuing a degree in Office Administration or Medical Office Administration are also required to take OST-136. OST-131 and OST-134 are also required for students pursing a degree in Paralegal Technology.

For more information about class registration, call (336) 386-3264 or go to the registration page

If anyone has questions about Business Technology programs at Surry, they may contact Shelia Martin at (336) 386-3352 or You may also follow the Business Technologies Division on Facebook @surrybusiness.

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