National Society of Leadership and Success Inducts New Members

{alt_text} Seventy-nine students at Surry Community College were recently inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success based on their academic standing and leadership potential.

Posted: Jun 29, 2018

The National Society of Leadership and Success chapter at Surry Community College held its annual induction ceremony for new members for the Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 year in the Grand Hall of the Shelton-Badgett North Carolina Center for Viticulture and Enology in May.

Seventy-nine students were selected for membership into the nation’s largest leadership honor society based on either their academic standing or leadership potential. 

Chapter Advisor Sabrina Terry, SCC’s Dean of Student Services, welcomed inductees and their guests. Student Chapter President, Courtland Hardy presented information about the society logo and shield. Guest speaker Jameire Bryant talked about his previous experience with the society and how it has impacted his life after transferring from SCC to Appalachian State University.

NSLS members presented several faculty, staff, and community members with awards as well. SCC Chief of Police Marty Shropshire and Mr. & Mrs. Randy Shur of Miss Angels Heavenly Pies were each presented with an Honorary Membership Award. Ricky Davis, Early College Instructor and SCC Sociology Instructor Mecca Lowe, each received an Excellence in Teaching Award. Additionally, Surry Early College Liaison Melissa Recknor and Reference Librarian Maria Luisa Saldarriaga Osorio were honored with Excellence in Service to Students Awards. 

The following students were inducted into the society:

  • Lisa Wall, Ararat NC
  • Alyssa Hicks, Boonville NC
  • Brandi Heath, Boonville NC
  • Caitlin Sneed, Boonville NC
  • Samantha Fowler, Boonville NC
  • Sarah Wagoner, Boonville NC
  • Erica Beam, Dobson NC
  • Anayeli Garcia Villa, Dobson NC
  • Autumn Embry, Dobson NC
  • Brenda Ordonez, Dobson NC
  • Emily Orellana, Dobson NC
  • Erica Isaacs, Dobson NC
  • Erykah Arvizu, Dobson NC
  • Haley Hudson, Dobson NC
  • Kaitlin Cave, Dobson NC
  • Kevin Rivera, Dobson NC
  • Logan Hawks, Dobson NC
  • Mario Hernandez, Dobson NC
  • Nicholas Miceli, Dobson NC
  • William Morgan, Dobson NC
  • Brooke Jefferson, East Bend NC
  • Derek Moffitt, East Bend NC
  • Janelly Antunez, Elkin NC
  • Jocelin Santos, Elkin NC
  • Kaitlyn Crews, Elkin NC
  • Vanessa Lopez, Elkin NC
  • Alexandra Anglin, Hamptonville NC
  • Brisa Hernandez, Hamptonville NC
  • Katlyn Kindle, Hamptonville NC
  • Nicolas G. Adams, Hamptonville NC
  • Sarah Dowell, Hamptonville NC
  • Robin Davis, Jonesville NC
  • Simon Owens, Jonesville NC
  • Alexis Comer, King NC
  • Madison Swinney, Lowgap NC
  • Andrea Leos, Mount Airy NC
  • Araceli Guerrero, Mount Airy NC
  • Brooke Quesinberry, Mount Airy NC
  • Destiny Martin, Mount Airy NC
  • Emily Hutchens, Mount Airy NC
  • Erica Hemric, Mount Airy NC
  • Esmeralda Juarez, Mount Airy NC
  • Jenna Newman, Mount Airy NC
  • Kaytlynn Dean, Mount Airy NC
  • Ken Karpenko, Mount Airy NC
  • Kyara Revels, Mount Airy NC
  • Lexie Wood, Mount Airy NC
  • Lorena Cabrera, Mount Airy NC
  • Marshall Mallory, Mount Airy NC
  • Misty Bates, Mount Airy NC
  • Olivia Jessup, Mount Airy NC
  • Sarah Orange, Mount Airy NC
  • Sharon Penn, Mount Airy NC
  • Whitney Hunter, Mount Airy NC
  • Ya Shi Chen, Mount Airy NC
  • Yarely Cabrera, Mount Airy NC
  • Wendy Narvaez, Mt Airy NC
  • Klaudia Tucker, Pilot Mountain NC
  • Marla Grubaugh, Pilot Mountain NC
  • Teylor Barker, Pilot Mountain NC
  • Ashlyn Fine, Pinnacle NC
  • William Coggin, Roaring River NC
  • Brianna Hemric, State Road NC
  • Emma Childress, Thurmond NC
  • Bailey Taylor, Tobaccoville NC
  • Erica Hutchinson, Traphill NC
  • Phillip Collins, Westfield NC
  • Alex Patten, Winston-Salem NC
  • Alisha Baity, Yadkinville NC
  • Clayton Overby, Yadkinville NC
  • Erika Edwards, Yadkinville NC
  • Joshua Leonard, Yadkinville NC
  • Lexia Wingler, Yadkinville NC
  • Lillian North, Yadkinville NC
  • Savanna Leonard, Yadkinville NC
  • Stuart Gentry, Yadkinville NC
  • Thao Ly, Rochester NY
  • April Vass, Hillsville VA
  • Morgan Williams, Lambsburg VA

The following students also received the National Engaged Leader Award (NELA), for their additional efforts, participation, and dedication to the society and the community: Janelly Antunez, Anayeli Garcia Villa, Araceli Guerrero, Vanessa Lopez, Caitlin Sneed, Bailey Taylor and Sarah Wagoner.

The National Society of Leadership and Success provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation at their campus and online. Being a part of NSLS instills students with exceptional skills they can use throughout their future educational and professional endeavors. Membership also provides students with lifelong access to benefits like scholarships and awards, exclusive on-campus events, employer recruitment through an online job bank, and discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses and more. 

Surry Community College’s chapter of NSLS was established in the fall of 2013 and has inducted more than 250 members. The chapter takes part in a myriad of events on campus and in the community including Speaker Broadcast Events, Leadership Training Day, New Student Orientation, the Surry Old Time Fiddlers Convention, the Halloween Spooktacular, the SCC Easter Eggstravaganza, and the Santa’s Workshop event.

Find more information on the National Society of Leadership and Success online at or by contacting SCC’s Chapter Advisor Sabrina Terry at (336) 386-3530 or  

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