Management Information Systems Degree Now Online

Management Information Systems Degree Now Online Dr. Dawn Worley is the Lead Instructor for the Management Information Systems (MIS), offered fully online starting in Fall 2019. Worley is also Lead Instructor for the Accounting and Business Administration programs at Surry Community College.

Posted: May 16, 2019

Surry Community College’s Management Information Systems Degree will be offered fully online to give students greater flexibility starting in the Fall 2019; the program is now in its third year at SCC.

If you have a fondness for ever-changing technology, the world of business, and working with people, the Management Information Systems (MIS) degree program could be a great fit for you.

“A career in MIS is exciting because technology changes so rapidly,” said Dr. Dawn Worley, the Lead Instructor of MIS at SCC. “Professionals in this field have new challenges every single day. It’s not a repetitive line of work, and their skills won’t ever go stale.”

Worley describes MIS professionals as people who have a desire to help others and a willingness to work across departments in a company or organization in a visible role. 

“The MIS professional serves as a technology liaison within a company and problem solves to find the best technological solution to improve efficiencies for the company and its clients. This person can hold positions such as computer and information system support roles; database administrators; computer analysts; information security analysts; and computer user support specialists,” Worley said. 

MIS professionals with a two-year degree can earn around $40,000 per year, depending on the organization and their work experience, and then expect earnings up to $100,000 annually with a bachelor’s degree and years of experience. 

Students take a wide variety of classes in MIS including: Accounting; Introduction to Business; Business Law; Principles of Management; Principles of Marketing; People Skills; Business Finance; Business Communications; Human Resources Management; Economics; Introduction to Computers; Web Programming and Database Foundations; Network and Security Foundations; Database Concepts; Spreadsheets; Web Design, along with the required Math and English classes.

“MIS is a wonderful degree. We have taken the best courses from the Business program and Information Technology program to design a new program that molds graduates into well-rounded individuals with skills in programming, databases, web programming and a knowledge of how business works,” Worley said. “They will have a technical background where they can talk to people in the computer science field, but then will also be able to translate this information into layman’s terms for others in their organization.”

The MIS degree is well aligned with other certificate programs at Surry. By completing the MIS degree, students will also earn a Business Administration certificate and then can choose to complete one more Accounting class to also earn an Accounting certificate. 

Students who graduate from Surry can also choose to transfer to East Carolina University to finish a bachelor’s degree in MIS to increase their earning potential.

The registration deadline for fall classes is Aug. 2. Classes start Aug. 15. For information about the MIS degree, college application, financial aid, and class registration, contact Student Services at (336) 386-3264 or or go to You can also follow Surry’s Business programs on Facebook @surrybusiness. 

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