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Jacob Haywood - Alumni Spotlight


Jacob Haywood of Westfield started the fall semester at North Carolina State University with 31 college credits from Surry Community College.

As an East Surry High School student, he took Calculus II, Calculus III, Differential Equations, Physics I, Physics II, C++ Programming, Linear Algebra, Art Appreciation and General Psychology at Surry Community College through the Career & College Promise program. These classes are tuition free for high school juniors and seniors.

“The class sizes at Surry Community College were great. I was able to interact with my instructors on a one-on-one basis,” he said.

Haywood plans to double major in Mechanical Engineering and History at NCSU, and by transferring so many credits to NSCU, he has an incredible head start. NCSU is a family tradition for the Haywoods. His grandpa and uncle were also part of the Wolfpack.

“I want to work in automotive design,” he said. “My dream job is to work in Germany for Porsche, Volkswagen or BMW. I have always been interested in vehicles. I fixed up a 1976 Volkswagen Transporter. I just like working on the parts and trying to fix them up.”

Haywood is a Ben Franklin Scholar at NCSU, a program which allows students to simultaneously pursue bachelor’s degrees in both engineering and the humanities or social sciences. The program provides students with broad training and equips them with unique skills to solve complex problems.

While a dually enrolled high school and community college student, Haywood was an active student athlete. He played tennis, soccer, cross country, indoor track, and wrestled his junior and senior years.

He became an Eagle Scout when he built a sign at his church, Westfield Baptist. He also volunteered as a scout at Camp Raven Knob where he taught automotive courses to fellow scouts. On top of all those extracurricular activities, Haywood was employed at 13 Bones in Mount Airy as a cook and dishwasher while in high school.

Haywood is a great example of what a high school student can accomplish as a community college student, athlete and community servant.

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