Film Viewing: Songcatcher


Event Time: 6:30pm

Event Location: Surry Community College, Room A-121, 630 S. Main Street, Dobson

As a part of the Appalachian Film Series, the classic film, Songcatcher, will be shown on campus. This event is free and open to the public. A brief discussion of the film led by Sociology Instructor Mecca Lowe and Humanities Instructor Frieda Eakins will take place directly following the movie. Songcatcher is a historical drama set in the Appalachian mountains of Western North Carolina. The film takes place in 1907, when an urban professor of music migrates to a rural mountain town where her sister lives and discovers a trove of unique music practiced by the local mountain people. The film features the struggles and hardships of these rural families, and also the simple beauty of their music culture. Songcatcher examines themes of Appalachian mountain life, the rural and urban cultural divide, and even deviance from social norms of the time period. 

The event is supported by the Wright Traditional Music Fund. 

For more details, contact Mecca Lowe at (336) 386-3554 or

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