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Faculty Share Instructional Ideas During Poster Contest


The faculty of Surry Community College recently got together to share ideas in the form of a poster contest.

“The purpose of the event is for faculty to showcase the activities, assignments, and strategies they use to foster student engagement with active learning strategies, ” explains Ashley Morrison, Dean of Arts and Sciences. “The impetus for the contest is working on improving retention rates without reducing academic standards. How do faculty motivate, encourage, and promote student engagement and learning in their classes? On a commuter campus, how do we best engage students in their education? For us, the most primary setting for student engagement and involvement is the classroom itself, both seated and online. A secondary purpose for the poster session is creating an environment of engagement among faculty, across divisions. ”

Faculty can work alone or in teams to discuss their best practices and how they can most effectively present those practices to their colleagues. The faculty then meets to view the posters, interact with the faculty who created them, and then vote on the best presentation.

Surry Community College's Math Division set up interactive displays along with their poster earning them first place in the presentation contest.

This year's winning posters were: Kennette Thomas, English Instructor, first place, and Emily Workman, Communication Instructor, and Sarah Ayers, Cosmetology Instructor, tied for second place. The best presentation winners were: Dr. Susan Worth, Mathematics Division Chair, first place; Emily Workman, Communication Instructor, second place; and Mecca Lowe, Social Science Instructor, and Drew Goodman, History Instructor, both third place.

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