Surry Community College was designated as a BeeCampusUSA in September 2017 – one of 31 BeeCampuses in the United States and one of only six North Carolina colleges. SCC offers community education as well as creating sustainable habitats for pollinators on campus. Pollinator garden plantings, greenhouse and high tunnel production areas, and a commercial-scale vineyard are housed on Surry’s campus, and the college owns many acres of meadow and wooded natural areas.

In April 2018, the college hosted the inaugural “Buzz Fest: A Celebration of Pollinators” that consisted of a day of hands-on exploration and to actively interact with local ecology through Bio-Blitz, lectures, campus tours, and demonstration activities. Buzz Fest was an official event of the 2018 North Carolina Science Festival presented by the Biogen Foundation, a month-long effort to celebrate hands-on science activities.

SCC offers degrees and certificates in Viticulture and Enology as home to the only licensed, bonded winery in the Southeast as part of a college educational program and the only program of its kind as a community college program on the East Coast. The college offers a degree, diploma and certificates in Viticulture and Enology Technology. Classroom instruction is supported by five acres of teaching vineyards and a state-of-the-art, bonded winery with a 25,000-gallon capacity where students gain hands-on experience with Surry Cellars wine – from grape to bottle. SCC also offers a certificate in Sustainable Horticulture, which is the production and cultivation of plants in a manner that uses resources wisely and efficiently with a high regard given to the environment. Students learn in our greenhouses, campus landscape projects and take many field trips to agricultural destinations. Students can also take agricultural classes throughout the year in the college's continuing education workshops at The Pilot Center's greenhouse in Pilot Mountain and vineyard workshops on the main campus in Dobson.