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Search the first or last name of the employee you are looking for in the box below and hit "enter" or click the "Search" icon. If you are not sure of the spelling you may scroll through the list of employees below.

Name Job Title Phone Number Office
Dana Shelton Accounts Payable (336) 386-3299 A-200I
Rick Shelton History Instructor (336) 386-3236 J-329
Terry Shelton Police Officer (336) 386-3582 A-104
Melinda Shew Business Technologies Instructor (336) 386-3563 V200B & YB106D
Chelsea Shields Biology Instructor (336) 386-3438 T-216
Amanda Shiner Viticulture/Enology Technician (336) 386-3514 SA-110
Dr. David Shockley President (336) 386-3213 H-211
Nichole Shores College and Career Readiness Data Coordinator (336) 386-3441 A-114
Marty Shropshire Chief of Police (336) 386-3453 A-102
Kris Simino Mathematics Instructor (336) 386-3502 H-268
Andrea Simpson Director - Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Veterans Affairs (336) 386-3263 A-175D
Anna-Olivia Sisk Lead Instructor - Art (336) 386-3479 J-330
Ann Slate Mathematics Instructor (336) 386-3345 H-272
Robin Slate Data Technician - Institutional Research (336) 386-3214 H-216
Katie Wall Smith Surry Early College Liaison (336) 386-3370 T-127
Deborah Snow Cook - Grill (336) 386-3221 GRILL
Jerry Snow Maintenance Technician II (336) 386-3534 J-102A
Jonathan Spann Computer Technician - Technology Services (336) 386-3646 C-104
Crystal Stevens Maintenance Specialist (336) 386-3472 W-106
Dr. Cory Stewart Division Chair - Social Sciences (336) 386-3517 J-321

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