Charitable Giving

The Surry Community College Foundation, Inc. was established in 1966 as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to students, promoting faculty development and supporting programs which enhance the college's learning environment.

Gifts and Donations

Please consider making a contribution to the Foundation, which will enable the College to continue to provide financial support for students pursuing the dream of a college education. Scholarships are administered through the college Financial Aid Office, and recipients are chosen on the basis of financial need and/or superior scholastic achievement. Institutional advancement projects are directed by the Foundation office. Funds are managed by the college business office. An annual audit is conducted and semi-annual reports made to the Foundation Board.

Other ways to give

  • Gifts of Cash

    Cash contributions are the most popular way of supporting the Foundation.

  • Establish a Scholarship

    Scholarships are often made in honor or memory of individuals, to support specific program areas from GED completion to award of degrees. Foundation scholarships are awarded based on financial need, area of study, academic standing or organizational affiliations.

    All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid through the Financial Aid Office which determines eligibility and make the ultimate scholarship award.

    Funds are always needed to supplement student expense for tuition, textbooks, supplies, and program specific costs.

  • Memorial Gifts

    Respecting the wishes of deceased loved ones, families often request that memorials be made to the Foundation. Unlike many other gestures of sympathy, a memorial gift to the Foundation serves others.

  • Gifts of Property and/or Real Estate with Provision for Lifetime Use

    Property, real estate, or securities may be earmarked for the Foundation, with the donor retaining the privilege of using these resources for the duration of his or her life. In some instances tax advantages may be enjoyed each year through the life of the agreement.

  • Stock, Bonds, or other Securities

    For some donors, a contribution of securities which have increased in value may have a special tax advantage.

  • Gifts to Honor an Individual

    Many individuals, clubs and organizations contribute in recognition of a person they wish to honor. Scholarships may be established in the name of the honoree.

  • Gifts of Life Insurance

    Life insurance policies or dividends paid on policies make practical gifts to the Foundation. A life insurance policy may be taken in the name of or transferred to the Foundation as beneficiary. Also, premiums paid for the policy are often tax deductible.

  • Donation by Will

    Part or all of an individual's estate may be left to the Foundation through a last will and testament. Both Federal and North Carolina law allow a charitable deduction in computing estate and inheritance tax liability.

  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

    IRA accounts offer ordinary tax-free savings opportunities and also a practical means of supporting the Foundation. The Foundation may be designated as a final beneficiary to receive any funds remaining after an individual or beneficiaries no longer need them. This plan can be created at the time an IRA is established, or in the case of an existing IRA, the Foundation can be added as beneficiary.


Financial Aid Specialist
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Financial Aid Compliance Specialist
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Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships and Veterans Affairs
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