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Protect & serve your community

The Public Safety division of Surry Community College serves the educational and training needs of law enforcement, fire and rescue, and emergency medical personnel. Surry Workforce Training division offers training classes, recertification classes, seminars and programs.

Public safety training courses and officer training courses at Surry prepare students for success in critical jobs in such as police, fire fighters, EMS technicians, paramedics and rescue technicians.

The training received at Surry provides a solid foundation into many law and safety-related careers. Our training programs provide instruction to meet certification requirements established by the state agencies.

Skills Training Courses

Course Name
Fire & Life Safety Preparedness (3021-1) Learn More
Firefighter 2019 - Block 01 (3031-3) Register Online Learn More
Firefighter 2019 - Block 01 (3031-4) Register Online Learn More
Firefighter 2019 - Block 02 (3032-2) Register Online Learn More
Firefighter 2019 - Block 03 (3033-1) Register Online Learn More
Health & Wellness (3024-1) Learn More
Loss Control (3014-1) Learn More
TR VR Large Vehicle Rescue (5714-1) Learn More
TR VR Rescue Ops/Vehicle Resc (5711-1) Learn More
TR VR Stabilization/Extricati (5713-1) Learn More
TR VR Vehicle Anatomy/New Tec (5712-1) Learn More
TR VR Victim Management (5715-2) Learn More
TR Water Block Course (6404-1) Learn More
TR Wilderness Block Course (6300-1) Learn More

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