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Students Can Now Register for Fall Mid-Term Classes

To register, you must have a complete admissions file with official transcripts and test scores, as applicable. If you were enrolled in the fall semester and have not registered, you may enter fall courses into Student Planning for approval.

Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
ACA-111 College Student Success 1
ACA-122 College Transfer Success 1
ACC-120 Principles of Financial Accounting 4
ART-111 Art Appreciation 3
AUT-183 Engine Performance 2 4
BUS-110 Introduction to Business 3
BUS-137 Principles of Management 3
CIS-110 Introduction to Computers 3
CSC-253 Advanced C# Programming 3
CTI-110 Web, Programming, and Database Foundation 3
CTS-135 Integrated Software Intro 4
DME-140 Introduction to Audio/Video Media 3
DME-210 User Interface Design 3
ENG-002 Transition English 3
ENG-111 Writing and Inquiry 3
GRD-141 Graphic Design I 4
HEA-110 Personal Health/Wellness 3
HIS-131 American History I 3
MUS-110 Music Appreciation 3
NOS-120 Linux/UNIX Single User 3

New/Returning Students: Once your admissions file is complete, you will receive a link to attend a Guide, Plan, Succeed (GPS) session to meet with an advisor and register for classes.

Students Already Enrolled in the Fall: You may enter fall courses into Student Planning for approval.

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