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Program Overview

The Tasting Room Operations certificate will give students the baseline needed to succeed in the tasting room and to propel forward into management jobs. This certificate will allow students to become more knowledgeable about all aspects of wine from viticulture and production to business and finance management with the overall emphasis on how to properly operate and organize the modern tasting room.

Employment Opportunities:

Graduates should qualify for positions in vineyards, wineries, and in related areas of sales and services.

Students must be 21 or older in order to enroll in wine making classes.

Program Contacts:

David Bower

Enology Instructor

Sarah Bowman

Viticulture Instructor

Certificate Curriculum

Fall Semester

VEN-130 Fundamentals of Viticulture and Enology 1
VEN-131 Wine Tasting 1
VEN-132 Wines of the World 2
VEN-181 Tasting Room Operations 3
VEN-182 Tasting Room Operations Lab 1
WBL-111 Work-Based Learning I 1

Spring Semester

VEN-188 Wine Finance 3
VEN-189 Wine Business 2
VEN-286 Wine Marketing 3

VEN 130, VEN 131, VEN 181, VEN 182, VEN 188, or VEN 189 may be used in the Viticulture & Enology degree (A15430) as the program elective (one course).

Total credits needed to graduate: 16 Hours

*Students must be 21 years or older in order to enroll.

Students on financial aid should speak with their financial aid advisors before enrolling in less than 12 credit hours per semester.

Learning Outcomes

Viticulture & Enology students will:

  • Apply the scientific method to solve practical problems of winegrowing in the southeastern United States.
  • Develop a business/marketing plan to establish and operate a vineyard and/or winery.
  • Recognize and apply environmentally responsible and sustainable agricultural practices in wine grape production and in winery design and operations.
  • Understand grapevine physiology and its effect on decision making in winery.
  • Use crop estimates to plan winery functions and logistics to enhance safety and profitability.

Program Costs

Certificate In-State Out-of-State
Tuition and Fees $1,418.00 $4,490.00
Books and Supplies $379.69 $379.69
Total Cost $1,797.69 $4,869.69

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