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Program Overview

This certification covers the NFPA 1072 Standard for Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Emergency Response Personnel Professional Qualifications, Current Edition.

Members of approved North Carolina fire departments and rescue squads are eligible to receive tuition waivers for these classes.

Employment Opportunities:

Upon completion of this certification, individuals will be able to function and apply for positions as a credentialed Hazardous Materials Responder in the State of North Carolina.

Instructional Format:

Classroom and hands on skills.

Program Contacts:

Ian Harrell

Director - Fire and Rescue Programs/ESTC

Workforce Certificate Courses

Hazardous Materials Responder Certifications

FIP-3555 Hazardous Materials Awareness Level
FIP-3556 Hazardous Materials Operations Level (HM Ops- Hazardous Materials Operations)
FIP-3557 HM Ops MSC (Chapter 6.2) -Hazardous Materials Personal Protective Equipment
FIP-3558 HM Ops MSC (Chapters 6.3/6.4) -Hazardous Materials Mass and Technical Decontamination
FIP-3559 HM Ops MSC (Chapter 6.7) -Hazardous Materials Detection, Monitoring and Sampling
FIP-3560 HM Ops MSC (Chapter 6.8) -Hazardous Materials Victim Rescue and Recovery
FIP-3561 HM Ops MSC (Chapters 6.5/6.9) -Hazardous Materials Evidence Preservation & Illicit Laboratory Incidents
FIP-3562 HM Ops MSC (Chapter 6.6) -Hazardous Materials Product Control

Total credits needed to graduate: 182 Hours

Learning Outcomes

Firefighter students will:

  • Learn to operate safely and effectively at an emergency incident.
  • Participate as a member of a team to mitigate and control various emergency incidents.
  • Perform the duties of a Hazardous Materials Responder in the State of North Carolina.

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