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Program Overview

The Construction Assistant Certificate is designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the Construction labor force while learning the skills necessary to become employed in the field. A construction worker is a manual labor professional responsible for preparing equipment, operating machinery, and taking apart and building structures. Other duties construction workers may perform include:

  • Testing machinery and equipment to confirm they work properly.
  • Transporting supplies and materials from suppliers and vehicles to the job site.
  • Closely following safety protocols and procedures to maintain the integrity of the project and team.
  • Measuring and cutting lumber, plaster and other building materials to exact specifications.
  • Using hand tools and mechanical tools, such as hammers, saws, screwdrivers, drills and many others.

After employers need assessments with our local business and industry, certain skills were deemed essential for all applicants entering the local workforce. Core skills include Health and Safety (OSHA 10), Continuous Improvement (Lean Six Sigma), Human Resources Development (HRD), and Basic Computer Skills. Completion of these skills provides potential employee candidates a strong background in workplace culture that consists of a safe working environment, an understanding of efficient processes and practices, recognizing how to become a better team player, and understanding different leadership styles within an organization.

Students will earn the following industry-recognized credentials: OSHA 10, DiSC, Lean Six Sigma (Yellow Belt), Employability Skills and Career Readiness.

Employment Opportunities:

Upon completion of this course, individuals should be able to apply for positions with entry-level construction field.

Internship and Employment Information:

The program includes 20+ hours of on-the-job training. Upon successfully completing the workforce certificate and employer entry requirements, students will be placed with employers for immediate employment.

Fast-Track Workforce Certificate Courses

Construction Assistant

CST-3110C Construction Assistant

Program Costs

  • Tuition and related supply costs are grant-funded and provided to the student at no cost.
  • Funding for transportation, childcare, and other costs to attend training may be available.
  • Virginia residents pay the same tuition rate as in-state students for Workforce, Technologies & Community Education (WTCE) certifications and courses.

To qualify for tuition and supply funding, complete the WTCE Scholarship and Financial Aid Form and a counselor will review your information and contact you concerning eligibility for funding assistance.

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