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​The College will be operating on a normal schedule Friday, January 21st.

Program Overview

The Community Spanish Interpreter Certificate was designed for students who have native-like fluency in both English and Spanish and plan to enter workplaces with multicultural clientele. Graduating with the certificate should enhance students’ job prospects in the medical, legal, religious, educational and business sectors.

Course work in this certificate allows students to learn translation and interpretation skills through role-play and ethical and cultural case studies. Students are provided opportunities to speak with interpreters in various fields such as medical, legal, and social services.

Career and College Promise:

This program is offered through our Career and College Promise Dual Enrollment program. View program outlines specific to your high school for full details.

Employment Opportunities:

Graduates also have the opportunity to pair the Community Spanish Interpreter Certificate with other tracks of study which include but are not limited to: Accounting, Automotive Systems Technology, Business Administration, Criminal Justice Technology, Early Childhood Education, Medical Assisting, Paralegal Technology, Viticulture & Enology Technology, Office Administration, Medical Office Administration, and Nursing.

Spanish Interpreter Pre-Requisite Policy:

A pre-requisite for all Spanish Interpreter credentials is demonstrating fluency in Spanish at the intermediate level. Therefore, students must complete SPA-212 with a C or better OR successfully pass the Spanish/English Fluency Test prior to enrolling in certain SPI courses required for program completion. The fluency test consists of both written and oral components. Students are encouraged to complete the Spanish Language Certificate prior to starting the Spanish Interpreter certificates. Students should contact Sarah Wright at or (336) 386-3439 to sign-up for testing.

Program Contacts:

Sarah Wright

Lead Instructor - Languages and Humanities

Diploma Curriculum

Fall Semester

ACA-111 College Student Success 1
ACA-122 College Transfer Success 1
SPA-111 Elementary Spanish I 3
SPA-112 Elementary Spanish II 3
SPA-141 Culture and Civilization 3
ENG-111 Writing and Inquiry 3

Spring Semester

Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
SPA-211 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPA-212 Intermediate Spanish II 3

Fall Semester

SPA-221 Spanish Conversation 3
SPI-113 Intro. to Spanish Inter. 3
SPI-114 Ana.Skills Spanish Inter. 3

Spring Semester

SPA-231 Reading and Composition 3
SPI-213 Review of Grammar 3
SPI-214 Intro. to Translation 3
SPI Elective 3

SPI Elective for Community Interpreter Track: SPI-245 (Comm. Interpreting I)

SPI Electives for Medical Interpreter Track: SPI-221 (Consecutive Interpreting I) and SPI-243 (Medical Interpreting I)

Total credits needed to graduate: 43 Hours

Certificate Curriculum

Fall Semester

SPA-141 Culture and Civilization 3
SPI-113 Intro. to Spanish Inter. 3
SPI-114 Ana.Skills Spanish Inter. 3

Spring Semester

SPI-213 Review of Grammar 3
SPI-214 Intro. to Translation 3
SPI-245 Community Interpreting I 3

Total credits needed to graduate: 18 Hours

This certificate is offered to high school students through the Career and College Promise program (C55370X).

Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate clearly and effectively in Spanish and English in both oral and written formats.
  • Research and use the specific vocabulary of various professions.
  • Analyze the cultural artifacts of relevant Spanish-speaking regions.
  • Assess and evaluate understanding of the parties involved in the process of interpretation.
  • Demonstrate professionalism in interactions, specifically respect for cultural differences/nuances.

Program Costs

Certificate In-State Out-of-State
Tuition and Fees $1,462.50 $4,918.50
Books and Supplies $267.50 $267.50
Total Cost $1,730.00 $5,186.00

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