Online Learning Technical Requirements

All SCC online courses are taught through Moodle. The Moodle Orientation course is designed to give students the skills necessary to navigate through an online course in the Moodle learning management system. Students will learn how to submit assignments and quizzes, participate in forums, communicate with the instructor, and check grades.

Before taking an online course be sure to review the technical information.

  • Personal Capability Requirements

    Students taking an online course are required to be proficient with basic computer tasks. These tasks include:

    • Knowledge of common computing terms
    • Proficient with basic computer skills
    • Familiarity with operating system environment
    • File management
      • Save files to a computer and other devices such as flash drive, CD-ROM, DVD
      • Locate saved files
      • Identify different file types
      • Save files in different formats, ie. Word document, Rich Text Format
    • Ability to download and install computer programs such as
      • Adobe Reader
      • Adobe Flash
      • Adobe Shockwave
      • Java
      • Software programs specific to coursework
    • World Wide Web
      • Basic knowledge of various browsers, ie. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox
      • Navigating the web
      • Conducting information searches on the web
  • Hardware Requirements

    The following are minimal system requirements to take an online course.

    • 4th gen Intel Core i5-4310M Processor (2.7 GHz) equivalent or higher
    • 4 GB or more RAM
    • SVGA monitor with 256 MB video RAM or higher
    • Sound card and speakers
    • Windows 10 or later OS version
    • Hard drive with a minimum 120 GB free space
    • Internet capable
    • CD-ROM or DVD drive
    • Printer
  • Software Requirements

    The following are minimal system requirements to take an online course.

  • Browser Requirements
    • The latest version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari can be used
    • Third party cookies are allowed
    • JavaScript is enabled
    • Pop-up blocker is disabled
  • Internet Service Requirements

    Students taking online courses require an Internet service that provides reliable connection with little to no downtime. If you are unsure about Internet providers in your area, contact your local cable, telephone or computer dealer for a list of reputable Internet service providers. Instructors will not accept your Internet Service Provider being unavailable as an excuse for a late assignment.