General Information

Online programs share the same goals, objectives, skills, and competencies as traditional programs offered at SCC. Students can access financial aid information, learning resources, and be advised on which program is best suited for them.

Before taking an online course be sure to review the general information.

  • Applying

    Students applying to SCC for an online program or course will follow the same application process as students applying for traditional programs or courses.

  • Advising

    Academic advising services are readily available to all students. Our staff will work with students to plan a course of study to take them from where they are to where they want to be. From learning more about what a particular course is really like to making sure students are going to be ready to complete a degree when they want to, our staff will be there to help.

  • Class Cancellation

    It may become necessary for the college administration to cancel a class appearing on a schedule. Normally this is done only when the enrollment for this class is not sufficient to allow it to be taught as scheduled. When class cancellations are made, our staff will work with students to find an acceptable alternative. Students are automatically dropped from cancelled classes and refunds are issued if they are due.

  • Online Orientation

    Students new to internet or hybrid courses at SCC are required to complete Moodle orientation by midnight on Sunday, before the first day of class. Students that have previously completed Moodle orientation do not have to complete it again.

  • Class Attendance

    Students are expected to attend at least 85% of scheduled hours in a given course. Online attendance is defined by active participation in online activities such as, but not limited to chat rooms, discussion boards, emails, quizzes, tests, and group projects. If absences exceed 15% of the scheduled class hours, instructors may withdraw the student from the course. Some courses may follow a different policy than the one previously stated and will be provided in the course syllabus.

  • Online Tutoring

    The Academic Support Center provides free online tutoring through the link available in Moodle course pages. If a link is not available within a specific Moodle course, please contact your instructor.

  • Academic Appeals

    In order to be fair and guarantee students due process, SCC recognizes the need for an Academic Appeal Policy.