Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving (ADD)

DDC - ADD is used extensively for court referrals as a diversion program for drivers with excessive violations and to retrain drivers with poor driving records. This class is a highly participatory class that assesses the individual 's behavior and then involves the students in developing a plan to improve their driving behavior. This class helps the individual to understand their driving choices and how to improve them. The program helps create a new mindset while improving a person's attitude so that his or her driving behavior can change. This class is a one-day, eight-hour class. The DDC-ADD Course is a program of the National Safety Council and administered by the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina in cooperation with Surry Community College. A certified DDC-ADD instructor will conduct the program.

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Available Courses

Attitudinal Dynamics - Driving - 4000O O04

Instructor: Thomas M. Norman | Location: Main Campus | Cost: $100

Dates Days Times
7/27/19 S 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Attitudinal Dynamics - Driving - 4000O O03

Instructor: Craig Carico | Location: Main Campus | Cost: $100

Dates Days Times
5/25/19 S 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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