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COVID-19: Spring 2022 Semester Guidelines

Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
BUS-260 Business Communication 3
CAR-110 Introduction to Carpentry 2
CAR-111 Carpentry I 8
CAR-112 Carpentry II 8
CAR-113 Carpentry III 6
CAR-115 Residential Planning/Estimating 3
CHM-131 Introduction to Chemistry 3
CHM-131A Introduction to Chemistry Lab 1
CHM-132 Organic and Biochemistry 4
CHM-151 General Chemistry I 4
CHM-152 General Chemistry II 4
CHM-251 Organic Chemistry I 4
CHM-252 Organic Chemistry II 4
CIS-110 Introduction to Computers 3
CIS-115 Introduction to Programming and Logic 3
CIV-125 Civil/Surveying CAD 3
CIV-230 Construction Estimating 3
CJC-111 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CJC-112 Criminology 3
CJC-113 Juvenile Justice 3

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