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COVID-19: Fall 2021 Mask Update

Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
ART-285 Ceramics III 3
ART-286 Ceramics IV 3
ART-288 Studio 3
ATR-112 Introduction to Automation 3
ATR-212 Industrial Robots 3
ATR-280 Robotic Fundamentals 4
AUB-111 Painting & Refinishing I 4
AUB-112 Painting & Refinishing II 4
AUB-114 Special Finishes 2
AUB-121 Non-Structural Damage I 3
AUB-122 Non-Structural Damage II 4
AUB-131 Structural Damage I 4
AUB-132 Structural Damage II 4
AUB-136 Plastics & Adhesives 3
AUB-150 Automotive Detailing 2
AUB-162 Autobody Estimating 2
AUT-113 Automotive Servicing I 2
AUT-114 Safety and Emissions 2
AUT-116 Engine Repair 3
AUT-116A Engine Repair Lab 1

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