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COVID-19: Fall 2021 Mask Update

Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
WBL-211 Work-Based Learning IV 4
WBL-212 Work-Based Learning IV 2
WBL-213 Work-Based Learning IV 3
WBL-221 Work-Based Learning V 1
WEB-110 Internet/Web Fundamentals 3
WEB-140 Web Development Tools 3
WEB-151 Mobile Application Development I 3
WEB-210 Web Design 3
WLD-110 Cutting Processes 2
WLD-112 Basic Welding Processes 2
WLD-115 SMAW (Stick) Plate 5
WLD-116 SMAW (stick) Plate/Pipe 4
WLD-121 GMAW (MIG) FCAW/Plate 4
WLD-122 GMAW (MIG) Plate/Pipe 3
WLD-131 GTAW (TIG) Plate 4
WLD-141 Symbols and Specifications 3
WLD-143 Welding Metallurgy 2
WLD-151AB Fabrication I 2
WLD-151BB Fabrication I 2
WLD-261 Certification Practices 2

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