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Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
ARC-112 Construction Materials & Methods 4
ARC-132 Specifications and Contracts 2
ART-111 Art Appreciation 3
ART-114 Art History Survey I 3
ART-115 Art History Survey II 3
ART-116 Survey of American Art 3
ART-121 Two-Dimensional Design 3
ART-122 Three-Dimensional Design 3
ART-131 Drawing I 3
ART-132 Drawing II 3
ART-140 Basic Painting 2
ART-214 Portfolio and Resume 1
ART-215 Visual Art Portfolio 3
ART-240 Painting I 3
ART-241 Painting II 3
ART-244 Watercolor 3
ART-264 Digital Photography I 3
ART-281 Sculpture I 3
ART-283 Ceramics I 3
ART-284 Ceramics II 3

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