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COVID-19: Fall 2021 Mask Update

Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
TOM-250 Operations of Trucking I 3
TOM-260 Operations of Trucking II 3
TRN-110 Introduction to Transport Technology 2
TRN-120 Basic Transportation Electricity 5
TRN-140 Transportation Climate Control 2
TRN-140A Transportation Climate Control Lab 2
TRN-145 Advanced Transportation Electronics 3
TRN-170 Pc Skills for Transportation 2
TRN-180 Basic Welding for Transportation 3
VEN-130 Fundamentals of Viticulture and Enology 1
VEN-131 Wine Tasting 1
VEN-132 Wines of the World 2
VEN-133 Introduction to Winemaking 3
VEN-134 Grape Harvest 1
VEN-135 Introduction to Viticulture 4
VEN-138 Vineyard Establishment and Development 3
VEN-139 Grape and Wine Science 5
VEN-181 Tasting Room Operations 3
VEN-182 Tasting Room Operations Lab 1
VEN-188 Wine Finance 3

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