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COVID-19: Spring 2023 Semester Guidelines

Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
REL-211 Introduction to Old Testament 3
REL-212 Introduction to New Testament 3
REL-221 Religion in America 3
SEC-110 Security Concepts 3
SEC-175 Perimeter Defense 3
SOC-210 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC-213 Sociology of the Family 3
SOC-220 Social Problems 3
SOC-225 Social Diversity 3
SOC-230 Race and Ethnic Relations 3
SOC-234 Sociology of Gender 3
SOC-244 Sociology of Death & Dying 3
SPA-111 Elementary Spanish I 3
SPA-112 Elementary Spanish II 3
SPA-120 Spanish for the Workplace 3
SPA-141 Culture and Civilization 3
SPA-211 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPA-212 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPA-221 Spanish Conversation 3
SPA-231 Reading and Composition 3

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