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Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
PTA-120 Functional Anatomy 3
PTA-130 Physical Therapy Procedures I 3
PTA-140 Therapeutic Exercise 4
PTA-150 Physical Therapy Procedures II 3
PTA-160 Physical Therapy Procedures III 3
PTA-170 Pathophysiology 3
PTA-180 PTA Clinical Ed Intro 3
PTA-212 Health Care/Resources 2
PTA-222 Professional Interactions 2
PTA-240 Physical Therapy Procedures IV 5
PTA-252 Geriatrics for the PTA 2
PTA-254 Pediatrics for the PTA 1
PTA-260AB Adv. Pta Clinical Ed. 5
PTA-260BB Adv. Pta Clinical Ed. 5
PTA-270 PTA Topics 1
PTA-280 PTA Issues I 1
PTE-110 Pathway to Employment - Construction 3
PTE-114 Pathway to Employment - Engineering Tech 3
PTE-120 Pathway to Employment - Information Technology 3
REL-110 World Religions 3

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