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COVID-19: Spring 2023 Semester Guidelines

Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
PHY-131 Physics-Mechanics 4
PHY-151 College Physics I 4
PHY-152 College Physics II 4
PHY-251 General Physics I 4
PHY-252 General Physics II 4
PMT-110 Introduction to Project Management 3
PMT-111 Project Management Assessing Risk 3
PMT-210 Project Management Issues 3
PMT-215 Project Management Leadership 3
PMT-220 Project Management Capstone 3
POL-120 American Government 3
PSY-118 Interpersonal Psychology 3
PSY-150 General Psychology 3
PSY-231 Forensic Psychology 3
PSY-239 Psychology of Personality 3
PSY-241 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY-243 Child Psychology 3
PSY-263 Educational Psychology 3
PSY-281 Abnormal Psychology 3
PTA-110 Intro to Physical Therapy 3

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