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COVID-19: Spring 2022 Semester Guidelines

Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
OST-164 Office Editing 3
OST-181 Office Procedures 3
OST-184 Records Management 3
OST-243 Med Office Simulation 3
OST-247 Procedure Coding 3
OST-248 Diagnostic Coding 3
OST-286 Professional Development 3
OST-289 Office Administration Capstone 3
PCI-162 Instrumentation Controls 3
PED-110 Fit and Well for Life 2
PED-111 Physical Fitness I 1
PED-112 Physical Fitness II 1
PED-117 Weight Training I 1
PED-118 Weight Training II 1
PED-119 Circuit Training 1
PED-120 Walking for Fitness 1
PED-142 Lifetime Sports 1
PED-143 Volleyball-Beginning 1
PED-144 Volleyball-Intermediate 1
PED-148 Softball 1

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