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Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
MNT-110 Introduction to Maintenance Procedures 2
MUS-110 Music Appreciation 3
MUS-112 Introduction to Jazz 3
MUS-210 History of Rock Music 3
NAS-101 Nurse Aide I 6
NAS-102 Nurse Aide II 6
NET-125 Introduction to Networks 3
NET-126 Routing Basics 3
NOS-110 Operating Systems Concepts 3
NOS-120 Linux/UNIX Single User 3
NUR-101 Practical Nursing I 11
NUR-102 Practical Nursing II 10
NUR-103 Practical Nursing III 9
NUR-111 Introduction to Health Concepts 8
NUR-112 Health-Illness Concepts 5
NUR-113 Family Health Concepts 5
NUR-114 Holistic Health Concepts 5
NUR-117 Pharmacology 2
NUR-211 Health Care Concepts 5
NUR-212 Health System Concepts 5

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