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Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
AHR-112 Heating Technology 4
AHR-113 Comfort Cooling 4
AHR-114 Heat Pump Technology 4
AHR-120 HVACR Maintenance 2
AHR-133 HVAC Servicing 4
AHR-160 Refrigerant Certification 1
AHR-211 Residential System Design 3
AHR-212 Advanced Comfort Systems 4
AHR-213 HVACR Building Code 2
AHR-215 Commercial HVAC Controls 2
AHR-250 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Diagnostics 2
AHR-263 Energy Management 2
ANS-110 Animal Science 3
ANS-115 Animal Feeds and Nutrition 3
ANS-120 Beef Production 3
ANS-130 Poultry Production 3
ANS-140 Swine Production 3
ANS-150 Animal Health Management 3
ANT-210 General Anthropology 3
ARC-111 Introduction to Architectural Technology 3

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