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To sign up for High School Equivalency classes related to HiSET (or GED) or Adult High School classes, please sign up for a new student orientation here:

You must be at least sixteen years old to enroll. If you are under eighteen years old, you must complete a student release form.

How to Earn Your High School Equivalency!

Choose one path: HiSET, GED, or AHS!

Take the HiSET Exam!

The HiSET exam is designed to test students in the 5 common content areas: Math, Reading, Writing, Science, and Social Studies. After completing all 5 exams, students will be awarded a High School Equivalency diploma by the North Carolina Community College System! Enroll in our seated HSE classes to study for HiSET or GED.

Take the GED Exam!

GED Testing Service
The GED exam is designed to test students in the 4 common content areas: Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. After completing all 4 exams, students will be awarded a High School Equivalency diploma by the North Carolina Community College System. GED is only offered once a month on the computer. No paper-based testing is offered. Enroll in our seated HSE classes to study for HiSET or GED.

Enroll in Adult High School!

Apex Learning
The AHS (adult high school) program is for students who are only lacking a few high school credits to graduate. Primarily students who stopped high school their junior or senior year. AHS allows students to finish their remaining credits online, one class at a time or in person at our Mount Airy Location. Students who wish to take online Adult High School classes must place at a level 5 on their orientation placement exam in reading and math and have at least 15 graduation credits on their official high school transcript. Enroll in our online or seated AHS classes to finish your credits.
** For Adult High School, please bring an official, sealed copy of your high school transcript to orientation. HiSET and GED students do not need to bring transcripts.

What Path is Right for Me?

Think About:

  • Your Timeline
    • When do you want to graduate? One path may help you reach your goals faster.
  • Accessibility
    • GED is only offered once a month. AHS is online or in Mount Airy. Our GED and HiSET study classes are seated in multiple locations and online. Does this work for you?
  • The Fastest Path
    • Overall, SCC will help you to choose which path will save you the most time and get you to graduation faster!

Don't Think About:

  • Name Recognition
    • There is no difference in GED, HiSET, or AHS. So, don’t think one is better than the other because it is more ‘well known.’
  • Accreditation
    • All paths will get you to the same destination of earning your high school equivalency diploma and one path is not ‘better’ or weighted more.
  • Your Past
    • We have many students from diverse backgrounds. No matter when you last attended school or what grade level you last completed, all are welcome.

Class Schedule

**Subject to change each semester.

An orientation is required for all new High School Equivalency students and for students returning to the program after one year of absence. Orientations are offered on a variety of dates and times. Any student aged 16 or 17 must present a completed SCC Student Release form.

Please sign up for an orientation via the orientation button at the top of the page.





MTWTh: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Elkin Center,
1461 N. Bridge St., Elkin


TTh: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

MACS Community Central Office,
321 Riverside Drive, Mount Airy


MTWTh: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
T: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

SCC Dobson,
630 S. Main St., Dobson


TWTh: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Yadkin Center,
1001 College Dr., Yadkinville

HSE Testing Services

** Walk-ins are not accepted for HiSET or GED exams. Students must schedule their HiSET or GED exams via the HiSET or GED website. To view the schedule for the HiSET or GED exams, please make an account at the HiSET or GED websites and view the available testing dates.

Please note: Payment for HiSET or GED testing fees are paid directly to the testing vendor. Surry Community College cannot accept payment for High School Equivalency testing services.

Transition Services

Surry Community College offers transition services to High School Equivalency students, HSE graduates, ESL students, and ABE students. Transition services include major and career exploration, assistance with workforce transition, facilitating Surry Community College applications, general transition questions, and more. Our CCR Transition coach, Mariah Frye, resides at the Dobson Campus, A-Building, in the office of Student Services. For questions or inquiries, contact Mariah Frye at (336) 386-3261 and/or

High School Equivalency (HSE) Records Request

We are pleased to announce transfer of all North Carolina High School Equivalency (HSE) records (GED, HiSET and TASC) to DiplomaSender who will fulfill all records requests on behalf of the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges, effective immediately. To request a record please visit Diploma Sender.

DiplomaSender uses the latest technology and security standards to protect data and will not work on Internet Explorer. Please use an updated browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.

Adult High School records requests will continue to be processed at the community college where the student earned the Adult High School diploma; not by DiplomaSender, nor the HSE Records Office. Please visit our Dobson Campus, A-building, Office of Student Services for AHS transcripts.

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