Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)

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 Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)

The Associate Degree Nursing curriculum provides students with opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and strategies to integrate safety and quality into nursing care, to practice in a dynamic environment, and to assist individuals in making informed decisions that impact their health, quality of life, and achievement of potential.

Course work includes and builds upon the domains of healthcare, nursing practice, and the holistic individual. Content emphasizes the nurse as a member of the interdisciplinary team providing safe, individualized care while employing evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and informatics.

Graduates of this program are eligible to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). Employment opportunities are vast within the global health care system and may include positions within acute, chronic, extended, industrial, and community health care facilities.

Applicants are required to complete the PSB Test along with additional requirements before applying. Fall ADN students, who take the admission test in February, must turn in all application materials by February 15. Students who take the admissions test in May must turn in all materials by May 15.


Also Offered

Humanities/Fine Arts Elective list: ART 111, ART 114, ART 115, HUM 115, MUS 110, MUS 112, or PHI 240.


Semester Course Course Name LEC LAB CLN CREDIT
Total Credits Total Credits NA


Semester Course Course Name LEC LAB CLN CREDIT
Total Credits Total Credits NA
Fall Fall
ACA 122 College Transfer Success 0 2 0 1
BIO 168 Anatomy and Physiology I 3 3 0 4
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3 0 0 3
PSY 150 General Psychology 3 0 0 3
Spring Spring
ENG 114 Prof Research and Report 3 0 0 3
BIO 169 Anatomy and Physiology II 3 3 0 4
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3 0 0 3
PSY 241 Developmental Psychology 3 0 0 3

CEU Classes

Additional Classes


Learning Outcomes

  • Practice professional nursing behaviors incorporating personal responsibility and accountability for continued competence.
  • Communicate professionally and effectively with individuals, significant support person(s), and members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.
  • Integrate knowledge of the holistic needs of the individual to provide an individual centered assessment.
  • Incorporate informatics to formulate evidence-based clinical judgments and management decisions.
  • Implement caring interventions incorporating documented best practices for individuals in diverse settings.
  • Develop a teaching plan for individuals, and/or the nursing team, incorporating teaching and learning principles.
  • Collaborate with the interdisciplinary healthcare team to advocate for positive individual and organizational outcomes.
  • Manage healthcare for the individual using cost effective nursing strategies, quality improvement processes, and current technologies.

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Program Contact(s)

Dr. Yvonne Johnson
Associate Dean - Health Sciences
(336) 386-3368

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$31.84 average salary per hour.

$66,220 average salary per year.

Sources for salary information obtained from O*NET. Salaries may vary for reasons including but not limited to years of experience, place of employment, and specific occupations within each industry.