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COVID-19: Fall 2021 Mask Update

A Community of Learning

Employers today demand skilled workers who can think clearly, precisely, deeply, and accurately while identifying and answering questions, solving problems, and making decisions in an ever-changing environment. Here at Surry Community College we strive to instill these qualities into all our students.

Surry Community College strives to apply the concepts of critical thinking to what we teach, how we teach, and how we assess in order to prepare students for the workplace and the world beyond.

Our faculty approach critical thinking by helping students learn and apply the elements of reasoning (analyzing thought by breaking it down into its parts), intellectual standards (evaluating thought by applying standards of good thinking), and intellectual traits (improving thought by developing ethical, disciplined habits of mind).

  • Maria Alvarez

    Maria “Lupita” Guadalupe Alvarez - Alumni Spotlight


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    Register Now for Spring: Full Selection of In-Person Classes, Tuition Assistance Offered


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  • Jacob Haywood

    Jacob Haywood - Alumni Spotlight


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