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College Mission

The mission of Surry Community College is to promote personal growth and community development to a diverse population through excellence in teaching, learning, and service.


In planning and implementing activities to accomplish its mission, the College affirms the following values.

  • Excellence in teaching and learning through an emphasis on achieving course outcomes.
  • A culture of collaboration, cooperation, and caring among students, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders.
  • Development of students’ sense of personal responsibility.
  • Emerging technologies to enhance students’ learning and to increase institutional effectiveness.
  • Continuous improvement and research-driven decision making.

~ SCC is Committed to Excellence in Education ~

Student Success

Increase student enrollment, retention, and goal completion.
  • Expand enrollment of non-traditional students through alternative delivery formats.
  • Increase first-year to second-year retention.
  • Strengthen advising through enhanced advisor training, career mapping, increased utilization of the Surry Community College Purpose Center and assessment.
  • Increase the number of certificate, diploma, and degree completions.
  • Evaluate and reinforce data-driven advising processes that focus on student success and future employment goals.

Enhanced Learning

Improve and expand student learning through excellence in academic programs and academic support services.
  • Improve academic programs and support services through periodic review.
  • Offer flexible programs and training for new and expanding industries.
  • Provide access to flexible, student-focused support services.
  • Improve student advising through evaluation and analysis of the Surry Community College Quality Enhancement Plan.

Community Development

Support the educational and economic development of our community.
  • Strengthen partnerships with business, industry, economic development, K-12, health agencies, nonprofits, higher educational institutions, and other community organizations.
  • Continue to enhance programs, services, and partnerships at the Yadkin Center.
  • Increase apprenticeships, internships, and work-based learning to encourage successful job placement.
  • Align workforce development programs with high demand occupations to produce a skilled labor force.

Institutional Success

Secure and manage resources to ensure growth and success.
  • Pursue federal, state, local, and private support.
  • Foster donor relationships.
  • Enhance and update technology, infrastructure, facilities and grounds.


Effectively communicate with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Strengthen internal communication.
  • Promote the image of Surry Community College as an affordable and accessible institution of higher education.
  • Improve communication with alumni.
  • Partner with business and industry to promote job opportunities.
  • Enhance awareness of the availability of scholarships, financial aid, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and priority deadlines.

Surry Community College offers quality, convenient, and affordable educational opportunities for the citizens of Surry and Yadkin counties with excellent academic programs and support services.

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