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How Well Is Surry Community College Achieving Its Mission?

The mission of the Institutional Research Office is to support the institutional planning process, to provide access to institutional data, and to provide assistance in the analysis of data for decision making and improving college operations.

SCC utilizes Strategic Planning, Program Review, Service Review, and General Education Assessment to evaluate its effectiveness and to continually implement institutional improvements. These four components are cyclical, ongoing and systematic. Numerous surveys and assessments are conducted throughout the year to provide additional data to inform the planning and evaluation processes.

Strategic Planning

Planning and assessment are ongoing and interconnected processes which measure institutional performance and provide the evidence of continuous improvement. The goal is to provide exceptional educational programs and services for the citizens of Surry and Yadkin counties.

A college-wide Planning Committee actively coordinates all activities related to the development and monitoring of the SCC Strategic Plan for 2023-2028. The Planning Committee analyzed the data provided by stakeholders over several months and developed a five-year Strategic Plan that is based upon the unique needs of Surry and Yadkin counties and designed to continuously improve Surry Community College.

Budget requests are developed and integrated with annual plans and evaluated by the President’s Cabinet. Each year the College reviews and evaluates progress toward accomplishing the mission, and achieving the goals and resulting outcomes through a Performance Report.

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