Campus Police

Surry Community College Campus Police is a certified sworn Law Enforcement agency, and as such, employs a professional police staff to enhance the safety for students and staff while on campus.

Police officers patrol the campus on a regular basis, and in addition to police responsibilities, they are in charge of the safety and the well being of the students and staff. Surry Community College police officers are vested with full law enforcement powers and responsibilities, just as any municipal police or sheriff's department. These officers have jurisdiction on all property owned, leased or controlled by Surry Community College.

The officers are authorized to enforce federal, state and local laws as well as certain campus policies. The Surry Community College Police Department cooperates with federal, state, and local police agencies in law enforcement matters.

Safety Tips

  • At all times be aware of your surroundings especially at night.
  • Pay attention to bushes and dark areas around buildings and try to avoid such areas if at possible.
  • Always have your keys out and ready before reaching your vehicle.
  • Walk to classes or to your vehicle with someone else or in groups.
  • Put all personal items in the trunk of your vehicle to keep them out of plain sight. Try not to bring expensive items to school if not needed for your class.
  • Always roll windows up and lock vehicles while in class.
  • Always check the interior of the vehicle before getting into it, such as the back seat and back floorboard.
  • If you observe suspicious activity, contact your instructor or call the switchboard by dialing 0 from any campus telephone to notify campus police immediately.
  • Try to park in well lighted areas near your designated building.
  • If you lock your keys in your vehicle, Surry Community College Police Department (SCCPD) will attempt to unlock the vehicle for you. Some newer cars we are unable to help, but a locksmith can be called to assist whenever needed.
  • SCCPD also provides a service of boosting cars in case of a dead battery.
  • If you feel you need an escort to your vehicle, then we will provide this service, unless SCCPD officers are tied up on another call.

Clery Reports

The Surry Community College Police Department prepares this report to comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act.

Security Reports

The Title II Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 requires educational institutions to provide all students and employees with crime statistics and related materials. The following report is compiled as a part of Surry Community College's commitment to campus safety and security, and in compliance with federal regulations.

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