Save Money and Get Ahead with SCC Summer Transfer Classes

Posted: Apr 18, 2017

Most college students are currently working hard prepping for finals with the sweet relief of a summer break in mind. While a reprieve from tests and lectures, and lounging by the pool in one’s hometown, sounds nice, summer is an excellent time to save money and get ahead by taking a class at Surry Community College that will transfer to a four-year school.

SCC is offering over twenty Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC) courses this summer, which means all of these courses are guaranteed to transfer to any university in the University of North Carolina System as a general education course as long as the students maintains a C or higher. Some of the popular UGETC courses offered include General Biology I and II, General Chemistry I, American History I and II, Quantitative Literacy, Music Appreciation, and General Psychology.

Taking transfer courses at Surry during the summer has many benefits, most notably significant financial savings. Tuition costs for an average three credit hour summer course at many of North Carolina’s four-year universities range from $550 to over $900, while the cost of tuition at Surry is only $76 per credit hour.

Many undergraduate students also choose to take summer classes at Surry as it opens up their schedule during the fall and spring semesters; when a college student takes care of a required course during the summer, they come back to campus in the fall ahead of the rest of their cohort.

In addition to the UGETC classes Surry is offering, students may also take non-UGETC classes that are required for their specific major such as Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Elementary Spanish I and II, and Intermediate Spanish I. It is important to many students to maintain a certain grade point average in classes applicable to their major for graduate program purposes, so they often choose to take a course that may seem difficult during the summer in order to focus exclusively on that class’s material.   

Registration for summer classes at Surry is currently open. Classes begin May 22 and June 27. Interested students should discuss their transfer plans with an advisor at the four-year college or university at which they are currently enrolled in order to ensure they are signing up for the appropriate courses.

Apply online at and contact Student Services at (336) 386-3264 or for registration questions.

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